We sell a wide range of lithium and lead acid traction batteries at competitive prices.

Triathlon Battery Solutions Ltd

TRIATHLON® – Motive Power batteries that endure. Motive Power batteries that go the distance.

At Triathlon® Battery Solutions, we specialise in forklift truck batteries and PPT batteries and offer a one-stop solution for all your industrial battery requirements. We offer:


  • Lithium-Ion Batteries
  • Lead Acid Batteries
  • Lead Acid Cells
  • Dry Cell Traction Monoblocs
  • Gel Cell Monoblocs
  • A range of Battery Components and Accessories including forklift battery chargers, watering systems, battery tanks, air mixing systems and topping up carts


In addition to selling industrial batteries Triathlon® also operates a fleet of service engineers who are able to carry out planned maintenance or emergency repairs to your forklift truck batteries, PPT batteries and forklift battery chargers. Our engineers are located in strategic positions, across the country, which enables us to ensure your forklift batteries are well maintained and any problems are resolved quickly and efficiently.


Another great service we offer is forklift battery rental.  Our rental options cover all types of forklift truck batteries, and PPT batteries, including Lithium-Ion batteries and lead acid batteries in all voltages.  We also offer rental on forklift battery chargers and battery changing equipment. This can be a very cost-effective option, especially to cover short-term peaks within your business.


Whatever your industrial traction battery requirements, Triathlon® will have the solution for you.   Why not give us a call?  Our expert and friendly team will be happy to help with any of your battery enquiries.

Resonant frequency traction battery charger

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