Repair and Service for PPT Batteries/Forklift rcPallet/Forklift Battery Repair and Service

At Triathlon® Battery Solutions we understand the importance of ensuring your forklift truck batteries and PPT batteries remain in good working order and down time is kept to a minimum; that’s why we operate a nationwide fleet of highly skilled and experienced battery and charger engineers.

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Health & Safety

All our industrial battery and charger engineers are fully uniformed and carry all necessary method statements and risk assessments.  Each of our engineers holds a Health and Safety Passport as well as an ADR Aware Certificate which shows they have been fully trained to work with dangerous goods. In addition to this our wagon drivers hold full ADR Certificates which means they can legally transport dangerous goods within the UK.



Service Packages for Forklift Truck Batteries/PPT Batteries

At Triathlon we offer a comprehensive traction battery service package during which our engineer will:


  • Carry out a visual inspection of the traction battery
  • Check the voltage of each cell
  • Check the specific gravity of each cell
  • Clean the top of the cells
  • Top up the cells (as required)
  • Carry out a visual check of the plug and leads
  • Check the tightness of the bolts and torque down (as required)
  • Check the tray for defects


To ensure you are offered maximum flexibility we offer various servicing options. Why not give us a call and find out what we can do for you?


Forklift Battery Repairs

Our aim is to have your traction battery back up and running as quickly as possible and we aim to fix 95% of problems on the first visit to site. To support this all our service vans have been professionally fitted out with a racking and storage system. This means that our engineers arrive on site with an extensive range of equipment, spare battery components and a selection of service cells. So if you’re in need of forklift battery repair, get in touch with us today.