QUASAR: More energy to get the job done

The next generation lead acid battery with lithium-ion performance.

Named after the celestial body because of its ability to deliver exceptional energy, the new QUASAR battery has been developed to offer superior performance in the most demanding applications.

It is the product of world-class technical development and is unique in combining industry-leading thin tube positive plate technology with Carbon Nanotube Technology in the negative plate.

The result? High energy density, high-rate discharge and fast charge capabilities that make QUASAR ideal for heavy duty and multi-shift operations.

Setting a new standard, QUASAR offers major advantages over both lithium-ion and traditional lead acid batteries.

Unrivalled operational benefits:

  • Longer cycle life — in many cases working two shifts rather than one.
  • Greater energy output from the same footprint — i.e., 990 Amps per hour compared to 930 in a standard lead acid battery as an example.
  • Up to 25% longer run times than lead acid — longer shifts and fewer battery changes.
  • Opportune charging capability — charge it during coffee breaks and lunch hours with no damage to the battery.
  • High energy density — eliminates power collapse on gradients and in heavy-duty cycles.
  • More receptive to charge than conventional lead acid — enables rapid charging at half the time of conventional lead acid with the correct charger.
  • Exceptional recuperation — very low internal resistance optimises regenerative braking for extended shift length.
  • Dependable, high performance in extreme ambient temperatures — up to 50% higher run time in cold temperatures vs PZS.
  • Carries high parasitic loads — better capacity and energy retention ensures ancillary attachments don’t drain the battery.
  • Reduce the number of spares required – save storage space and waste less time changing batteries.

Class-leading technology

When compared with its nearest rival, QUASAR excels in several key areas:

  • It is significantly less expensive
  • It does not require air cooling to achieve fast charging in just 4 hours or less from 80% DOD
  • It has a higher kw/hour rating

Ultimate power in every application

QUASAR is designed to support energy-heavy applications across every sector. With the ability to extend operation across two shifts, it can transform fast-paced, 24/7 operations by delivering greater throughput.


Reducing the number of spare batteries on site allows space to be maximised, while longer battery run times mean longer cycles in multi-shift operations, and less time wasted changing batteries.


Lifting heavy loads to great heights involves exceptional energy demands. QUASAR delivers with high-rate discharge ensuring extra energy voltage for faster picking, increased efficiency, more jobs completed per day, and fewer battery changes.


QUASAR provides the torque required by vehicles such as tow tractors in locations involving long travel distances, and the power boost needed when pulling away on slopes and ramps.


Opportunity charging supports high availability and longer shifts during hectic periods when demand is high and deadlines are tight.


QUASAR sets a new standard in delivering the dependable, long-lasting power needed in high-volume, repetitive tasks performed by AGV vehicles.


Unlike standard batteries, where lower operating temperatures result in lower capacity, QUASAR has increased initial capacity, making it ideal for operation in extreme temperature variants, such as cold stores.


More shifts per charge and exceptionally fast charge ensures maximum output in multi-shift operations.


QUASAR’s higher energy density provides the power required to move the largest loads.


QUASAR can power attachments such as lights, beacons, horns, ancillary equipment, etc. without the risk of the battery being drained.

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