Lead-Acid batteries technology simply cannot achieve some of today’s material handling demands without spare batteries and battery change-outs, especially in multi-shift 24/7 operations.  Compared to conventional Lead-Acid batteries, Lithium-Ion batteries technology has significant advantages. These heavy-duty lithium-ion batteries can be fully charged within 1-2 hours, even if the battery is fully discharged to begin with. Unlike other batteries, opportunity charging will not damage the lithium-ion battery and it is encouraged to streamline processes in your industrial environment.


Battery change-outs that are time-consuming, unsafe and non-productive are no longer necessary. Lab results and real-life field testing of lithium-ion technology has found that these batteries deliver a significantly longer life than that of lead-acid batteries. Triathlon® lithium-ion battery packs are significantly more energy efficient than lead-acid batteries. The total efficiency of the system is up to 40% greater than that of lead-acid batteries.



Made in Germany, the Triathlon® Lithium-Ion batteries are made up of lithium-ion cells that are assembled into modules to provide the required voltages and Ah capacities. We offer complete systems of lithium-ion batteries in all standard battery voltages; 24v, 36v, 48v, 72v, 80v. All cells are UN 38.3 tested. Each Lithium-Ion battery system has an integrated monitoring system with a display unit and an opportunity charger.