QUASAR eases switch to electric as red diesel subsidy ends

June 13, 2022 2:45 pm | Published by | 1 Comment

All the power, a fraction of the cost

QUASAR battery helps heavy-duty industries switch to electric as end of red diesel subsidy signals rise in fuel costs.

On 1st April 2022 the red diesel subsidy for the use of diesel in forklifts will come to an end. For diesel truck owners this means soaring fuel prices and expensive running costs. But electric offers a cheaper alternative.

The good news is that switching to electric doesn’t mean compromising on performance, thanks to the new QUASAR next-generation lead acid battery from Triathlon Battery Solutions.

Utilising innovative thin tube positive plate technology, QUASAR has a high discharge rate and higher energy density compared to standard lead acid, with opportune charging capabilities.

Minimal internal resistance means QUASAR can be charged faster and more efficiently, delivering extra capacity without the risk of power drops – even on ramps – resulting in greater uptime and improved productivity.

“Diesel used to have a strong hold on heavy-duty industries, but electric is undoubtedly the future,” explains Tom Burgess, Managing Director at Triathlon Battery Solutions.

“For many, QUASAR could be the next logical step, as it is an ideal replacement power source technology for applications normally associated with LPG or diesel. Demanding applications such as ground support, VNA, multi-shift operations and manufacturing can all benefit from the flexibility and non-stop reliability QUASAR offers.

“Not only is it emission-free, but it also reduces whole-life costs and outperforms IC engine trucks in both power and precision.”

The use of advanced lead acid technology also means QUASAR can achieve 25 percent greater run times in ambient temperatures, helping forklifts last longer on a single charge – which can translate into an additional shift – and reduces the number of battery changes required. For heavy industries running multi-shift operations, this saves valuable time.

Tom Burgess adds: “QUASAR allows trucks to work longer and harder, whether they operate indoors or out. Its capacity allows it to deliver high performance in extreme temperatures and provide up to 50 percent longer run times at cold temperatures compared to standard lead acid.

“There’s not much time left before the rules change on red diesel, and if you’re already considering updates to your fleet, we can help find the right battery for your application.”

For more information about QUASAR visit www.triathlon-batteries.co.uk/enhanced-lead-acid-batteries or call 0161 669 9180.

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