QUASAR Gel Bloc: faster, stronger, longer lasting than any rival

Game-changing new technology delivers greater output, a longer lifecycle… and is totally maintenance free

Developed to outlast and outperform competitors, the QUASAR Gel Bloc battery harnesses advanced carbon nanotube technology to deliver unmatched run time, exceptionally fast re-charge and far longer cycle life.
Almost indestructible, QUASAR Gel Bloc needs NO maintenance, NO topping up and can be opportunity-charged with NO risk of damage.
Check out these unrivalled benefits:

  • Longer lifecycle (typically 1500 cycles or 3-5 years)
  • Totally maintenance free, needs no topping up
  • 3x faster charging than monobloc rivals
  • Optimised for opportunity charging – no risk of battery damage
  • Greater energy output from the same footprint
  • Longer run times than competitors
  • Dependable, high performance in low ambient temperatures for outdoor working
  • High energy density – eliminates power drop-off on slopes and in heavy-duty cycles
  • Exceptional recuperation – very low internal resistance maximises energy recovery from regenerative braking and hydraulic functions (where appropriate)


Next-generation technology

The product of world-class technical development, QUASAR Gel Bloc is unique in using patented nanotube fluid in a unique battery pasting process, while a network of individual nanotubes allows electrons to flow with minimum resistance.
This reinforces the plate, ensuring lasting strength and durability. At the same time it supports greater thermal operational ranges and high charge acceptance.
In an additional breakthrough, a market-leading phenolic resin separator ensures higher porosity to increase electrolyte volume. The result is higher energy density, excellent resistance to oxidation and lower internal resistance for faster, more receptive charging.
Game-changing performance in any application, including:
Materials handling

Floor Cleaning

Access Equipment

As well as:

  • Large trade/retail outlets
  • Manufacturing
  • Distribution
  • Food & Beverages
  • Facilities/Hospital

For more information on how QUASAR can transform your operations, call 0161 669 9180.

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