Topping up: the single most important piece of forklift maintenance you can do

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And how Triathlon Battery Solutions can guarantee you always get it right.

Rising diesel prices and environmental concerns have encouraged many forklift owners to make the switch to electric trucks. But, while battery power can deliver substantial savings, these can quickly be lost through poor battery care.

Tom Burgess of leading international supplier Triathlon Battery Solutions explains: “A typical forklift battery represents around 30% of a new truck’s value and will deliver approximately 6,000 working hours. It’s your fuel for the next 5 years or more… providing you look after it correctly.

“Topping up the water is perhaps the single most important aspect of battery maintenance, and, all too often, the most problematic. It’s crucial that topping up is done at the right intervals and to exactly the correct levels, but this can prove difficult, especially in a high-pressure working environment or where casual staff are involved.”

Water plays a key role in the long-term efficiency and lifespan of a forklift battery, but if too much is added the battery will overflow, causing dangerous corrosive acid to leak and leading to expensive battery replacements.

“You only need to get it wrong once and you’ve ruined the battery,” emphasises Mr Burgess. “Adding too little water – or too much – can be disastrous.”

The good news is that topping up is easy and economical to outsource. With a topping up contract from Triathlon, batteries are maintained consistently and correctly.

“Topping up may be a low-cost endeavour that only takes a few minutes, but it’s very high risk for the truck owner or operator,” says Mr Burgess. “At Triathlon we deploy engineers with expert knowledge of batteries who can make sure water is added safely and securely.”

Triathlon Battery Solutions has a dedicated UK-wide network of battery and charger engineers available to support lift truck owners.

“No matter where you are in the country, a specialist battery technician will arrive at a pre-arranged time to top up the water, check for any issues and, once a year will clean the battery to ensure it’s in tip top condition,” adds Mr Burgess. “This is much more efficient and reliable than waiting for a service engineer who’s trying to fit it in between other more pressing jobs.

“A topping up contract is a reliable, cost-effective way to protect your investment whilst making sure your batteries perform at optimal levels for longer and with no drop-off.

“For anyone who manages a fleet of electric forklifts or warehouse trucks, including dealers and plant hire businesses, a topping up contract is a real no-brainer.”

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